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Tomorrow I'll be going to Florida to visit my grandparents for the weekend. It's been over a decade since the last time I went to Florida (which was also the first time I went to Florida).

My siblings and I will be staying with our grandparents, while my parents are staying at a hotel. Bandit is staying at a kennel; we'll pick him up Monday.

I'll post again when I get back.
Going back to my previous post, a few customers asked me if I was going to go trick-or-treating after work, which made me laugh because a) my shift ended at 7 pm, and b) I'm about ten years too old for trick-or-treating.

On another holiday note, it has been four days since Halloween ended and I have not heard a single Christmas song. This is good.
Now it's November. Daylight Savings ends tonight, the year ends in two months, and I'm still surprised how fast time goes by.

How was everyone's Halloween? I went to work dressed as Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers. I added a pair of pantyhose and my workplace coat to the costume to stay warm, though I took the coat off for the photo the manager took for the costume contest. My sister dressed as Shirley Manson, but she had to change back into her work uniform because her workplace didn't allow costumes this year.

Today I finally made cranberry sauce using a bag of cranberries I had frozen for almost a year. I have one more bag in the freezer and I'll use that one before Thanksgiving; I want to use fresh cranberries for the sauce then. I also got a flu shot.

I hope to make the next two months as productive as possible. This includes practicing my Italian and Japanese, talking to the managers about giving me more hours, and maybe even picking up my trombone one more time before the year ends.

We're having Chinese food for dinner. I can't wait for my curry beef!
It's already October. 2014 has gone by so fast.

Yom Kippur's tomorrow night, so Yom Tov to everyone!
Happy birthday to my mother, tonko, dazeydevyne, and lydia_golis!

Also, it's Rosh Hashanah, so Shanah Tovah!
It's Hanhan (GohanxGohan) day!

Here's the pixiv tag.

Aug. 5th, 2014

It's hard to believe it's already August.

I want to go to the beach and collect some seaglass.

Three things

1. Happy birthday, wrestlingdog and cygna_hime!

2. It's Gohan Day again! Here's a cute picture someone made for it.

3. In about one month, I'll (finally) be going to Israel for Birthright! I've wanted to do this for a while, but I kept hesitating because of work. At the end of 2013, however, I learned that I get paid vacation time, so I'll be using my 2014 paid vacation time for this trip.
It's kind of hard to believe it's already the end of March. 2014 feels like it's going by so quickly.



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